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Convert Files From different sources - PDF to Word Converter

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It's been a while since i posted on this blog but not that long like 5 or 6 days since the last post and if you have missed the last post which my first episode in the fictional stories series make sure to give it a read here.

So i started this idea which is the fictional stories and then my friend asked me if he can claim this idea and start his own blog and i allowed to claim it and now he has his blog up and running so if you want to see more of the fictional stories make sure to head off to his blog here.

However, I'm not gonna delete the ones i have posted on this blog and he will start over and with amazing different ideas and stories.

Convert Files From different sources - PDF to Word Converter

Anyway, today's post gonna be my first ever sponsored app review post i have done in my entire life and I'm so excited to share with you guys. You will find a link in the next paragraph and also in the bottom of this post for the app and the company's website. So if you wanna get the app for yourself click on one of these links.

Alright, so before we start the review let me talk a little bit about the app and it's developers. The app allows you to convert files from PDF to word in few seconds and it's called "PDF to Word Converter". Click here to get it for yourself if you have iPhone or here to click on here to go to their website and get it for android or window.

The app developed by Cometdocs company and it has an amazing feature which is you can convert files from your phone or from a direct link and also you can convert files from google drive and much more. We will take a look in a second at all the options you can have.

Main page and at the start
 This app gonna be different from the previous apps and we will not have pages instead if you look at the picture above, this is the homepage for the app and you will have only this page but on this page, as you can see there are all the options you can convert file from.

If you click on 'Your Phone' option it will show you a tutorial on how to convert files from your phone but I'm going to go through the steps on how to convert it for more reference. I will also show you how you can convert your file from a direct link.

The PDF file (open in Adobe reader)

Alright, so i have used the 'Getting started' adobe file for an example to demonstrate for you how you can do it. All PDF files need the adobe reader and that means you gonna go through the same steps but if you have another one or another way of reading the PDF files you still can convert it.

So in the picture above i have marked the button that you want to tap on and if you don't what is that, it's the share button and if you are not using the same reader as me you can find where is the share button located.

A file Share Options

 If you tap on the share button as shown in the previous step you will see a bunch of options allows you to whether share the file or the link, you can also save it in document icloud but what we need to do is tap on the 'open in...' option and that where you will be able to convert the file.

Options to open the file with

So if you tap on the 'open in..' option as shown in the previous you will be taken to another step and you will find more option but this allows you to open the file in whatever you want. But if you want to convert the file you will tap on the app logo which the Blue icon and that will take to you the first step in converting the file.

The PDF file for converting
Converting option

Uploading the file

This actually different steps but i thought to add all in one to make it all in one. So the first step is you gonna choose what type of file you want to convert to, for example, do you want to convert the file to word or excel. 

I didn't mention this in the beginning of the post but you can convert your file more than one type of files. If you don't want to convert to word tap on the second option as shown in the second picture and you will be given more options.

After you choose the type you want the app will upload the file and make it ready to convert and then you will be able to read the file in another type.

Main page (While converting a file)
 As you can see in the picture above the app is converting the file for me and trust me that won't take even a half minute to finish but also it depends on the file, either way, it will be faster than expected.

Main page (After the process)
 The picture above shows the file after the process finish and if you notice the logo in changed for the file which means its no longer PDF.

I have one more thing to show you and it's the last option which the direct link. The next picture will talk about it.

Direct link option

 Alright, so when you tap on the direct link option you will be taken to another page with a form to put your file link and after you write it you can find the convert button on top left.

Lets back to the main page now because i want to show you what you gonna expect when you click on the options button in the top right, I'm not gonna post the picture for the main page but you can find it from the previous one.
Setting menu

So the last thing i wanna talk about is the options setting, you can find it in the top right and when you tap on it the setting menu will pop-up for you and from there you can choose what you want. There is a free version for this app but i recommend you to take the premium version as it's cheap and it serve you better.

We have reached the end of this app i wanna take a time to thank the company for allowing me to review their app and if you liked this app make sure to give them a feedback and also if you want to get it for yourself click on here for iPhone or click here for other devices. Thank you for reading and have a great day.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Fictional Story: Someone looking After me (Part one)

Hello everyone, welcome to the blog

Today I'm so excited to share with you my first series in fictional stories topic. I have started random fictional stories weeks before and the reason why i haven't started the series is that because i wanted to make it more epic and start good but i guess we will start normally and soon we will upgrade it. If you don't know what I'm talking about, make sure to visit this page and learn more about the blog.

Allow me to talk about what i wanted to do before i start the first part of the story. I wanted to draw and create characters and create the place or the world where the story will be but seems it will not work as planned because i don't have like software to build the characters and i can't afford to buy one but bear with me, i promise i will try my best to develop it and make it more fun and epic.

Fictional Story: Someone looking After me (Part one)

Lastly, i wanna talk about is that i wish if Google could add the "Tags" feature to blogger because that would help us to organize the blogs better. Because now we only have labels and it's hard to organize it. Anyway, let's start this story and i hope you will like it.

So this kind of fictional stories will be different from the random fictional stories and it will be structured differently. I will mention all the characters will be in this part of the story and each part will be mentioning all the characters. I wanted to include pictures for the characters and the world but we will start without it and i will try my best to provide it soon or hopefully for the next part.

The Characters:

The main characters                      

Ashley (14 years old)

Emely (Ashley's sister, 12 years old)

Larry (Ashley's brother, 11 years old)

John (Ashley's father, 39 years old)

Nikki (Ashley's mother, 37 years old)
James (John's brother, 34 years old)

Andrea (Nikki's sister, 31 years old )

Brittany (Ashley's school best friend, 14 years old)

Ryan (Ashley's school best friend, 15 years old)

Haley (Ashley's best friend, 15 years old)

The secondary characters

Peter (Ashley's school friend, 15 years old)

Henry (Ashley's school friend, 14 years old)

Katie (Ashley's school friend, 14 years old)

Lauren (Haley's friend, 16 years old)

Jack (Haley's friend, 15 years old)

Alright, the characters listed based on the appearance which means the main characters will appear in most of the story and the secondary character will be less. The story talks about a girl named "Ashley" and this girl grew up and finished high school. Ashley entered the university after a year since she finished high school and during her university, she created something great and it helped a lot of people. She finished the university and became a heroine.

The story starts from Ashley's first day at school. Nikki dropped her two kids Emely, larry at their school and then she took Ashley to her school. Because it was Ashley's first day at high school Ashley spent the free time before the class starts to learn more about the school and explore it.

After five minutes of Ashley exploring the school, everyone got into their classes. Ashley was a little bit shy because it's her first time in the high school and so the others in Ashley's class. The students in the class got a break time and Ashley was sitting alone in the class because she was shy and couldn't talk with anyone.

A girl showed up and introduced herself to Ashley by saying "Hey, my name is Brittany" and Ashley replied "Hey, nice to meet you, my name is Ashley" and then they did a quick handshake. Brittany sat with Ashley and talked with her the entire break time and they exchanged information about each other.

Because it was the first day at school they allowed the students to go home early after they've learned about everything. Ashley and Brittany got out of the school together and at the school's gate, they got separated. Nikki took Ashley home and then later she went to pick up Emely and larry and came back home.

Later in the day John came back from his work and was tried and exhausted because of the tremendous amount of energy that he spent on the work he did. John was expecting to go back home and rest but somehow James called him and asked if he could come to his house and help. John couldn't reject him and he went to James's house.

In meanwhile Ashley, Emely and Larry went out in the backyard to play. Nikki was doing the dashes and suddenly Andrea showed up and helped Nikki with cleaning the house and sat with her and talked.

Later in the evening, John came back from James's house and Andrea was already gone back home. Nikki prepared a dinner for John and the kids. John and the family ate the dinner together, and later the kids went to sleep.

The next day Nikki woke up early and she woke the kids up for school. Nikki prepared a breakfast for the kids whilst they prepare themselves for the school. Nikki took the kids to school after they ate the breakfast and got prepared.

Nikki took Emely and larry to their school first and then went to take Ashley to her school. Coincidentally Nikki stopped at the school gate as Brittany's mom parked and Ashley saw Brittany getting out of the car and she shouted her name after. After Ashley shouted she look across the road and saw a stranger staring at her.

Ashley and Brittany walked into the school together and they are in the same so they kept walking together to the class. Brittany was behind Ashley in the class and which makes it easy for them to talk even in the class in the free time. Later on, they finished the class and got a break, Ashley and Brittany were walking around together and talking.

While Ashley and Brittany were walking there was a group of three students was standing and talking to each other on the walkway. Brittany saw them and said to Ashley "Hey, look, its the new students" Ashley replied, "What is their names?" Brittany said, "I heard that their names, Henry and Katie and the other one is not new but his name is Peter" and then Brittany said, "Would like to go and say hi to them?" Ashley replied, "umm, yes let's go say hi to them".

Ashley and Brittany walked toward the three students and then they stood infront of them and as they stopped Brittany said: "Hey there, you are the new students, right?" Henry replied "Hey, yes me and Katie" and Peter said, "Who are you?". Ashley replied "I'm Ashley" and Ashley pointed to Brittany and said, "This is Brittany".

Katie said, "A you guys new as well?" Brittany replied "yes, we are new too" and they did a quick handshake and talked for a little bit. Ashley and Brittany continued walking together until the break time is over and then they walked back the class.

 Days later, the weekend has come and Ashley asked her mom to take her and her brother and sister to an Amusement park. Ashley's mother said yes to Ashley and Ashley went to prepare and told her brother and sister about it and they got prepared as well.

Emely and Larry went to the long slide in the amusement and Ashley went for the roller coaster and she was waiting for her turn to come. There were three people waiting for their turn as well and they were standing next to Ashley. A girl was next to Ashley and said to Ashley "A you waiting for your turn too?" and then Ashley replied "Huh.."

The girl said "Hey, my name is Haley" and then Ashley replied "Hey, my name is Ashley, nice to meet you" and then they did a quick handshake as well. While they were waiting for their turns Ashley kept looking around and saw the same stranger staring at her and she turns her head away and stopped looking at the stranger. Ashley and Haley's friendship start from the moment they introduced themselves to each other. They spent more time getting into more of rides and other slides.

After one hour, Ashley and their family got back to home and Ashley got Haley's phone number to connect with her more and be friends after they spent time together in the amusement park.

After few minutes since Ashley and her family got home, Ashley went to her room and she was lying down on her bed. She started to hear small rocks being thrown at the window in her room, She heard it twice and she went downstairs and on her way to outside her mom was sitting on the couch watching the TV and saw Ashley going outside, Ashley's mom asked her "Ashley, where you going?" Ashley replied, "In the door to check something".

Ashley went to the outside and opened the door, she looked around standing on the door and she found nothing. She walked few steps outside to check around the house and she turned back as she was going back to the house and she saw someone was standing on the right side of the house....

Alright, guys, this is gonna be the end of this part and if you would love to read more of this series make sure to subscribe to the blog so you don't miss it. Also, make sure to follow me on my social media because i do post every post on my social media.

I would love to know your thoughts and opinions on my first fictional story series, so make sure to leave a comment down below about your thoughts or opinions on the first part. Before i end the post i would like to mention why i made the main character a female, if you look around you will find that most of the series the main character would be a male and so i wanted to change that and do something different. This is the first part of the series and so there is a lot of interesting stuff you will read.

Thank you so much for reading and i will see you guys in the next post but till then stay awesome and be happy.

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Five-list: 5 movies of my favorite

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Today I'm gonna write about five-list but I'm going to write about 5 movies of my favorites. This post is the first one in the five-list as favorites and it will demonstrate how the favorites in the five-list niche will look like. However, if you don't know what I'm talking about, make sure to have a read on this page because it contains details about everything happening on the blog.

Five-list: 5 movies of my favorite

So before i start the post i wanna talk about a couple of things. I have done some changes to the blog and the first thing i want to talk about and tell you guys is that i have added a subscription form in the bottom of each post which means if you loved the post you can subscribe and get it to your email inbox. The second thing is i have added a social media share buttons on the left side which by the time you are reading this you can see it on the left side floating.

Alright, so because it is the first post in the favorites topic let me clarify why i want to include this on my blog. The reason why i want to include this on my blog because first i wanna express myself and share my perspective on things and also it could help you to learn new stuff or maybe have like another opinion on things you may have it or seen it. Anyway, let's start the post.

1-Transformers: The last knight

Transformers: The last knight

I have seen all the Transformers series and among them, the best one is this because everything has been upgraded since then. They have added new transformers and also revealed the old ones.

One of my favorite moment in the movie is when Bumblebee and Optimus were battling and then Megatron showed up and took the staff. Also when the 12 knights who came from Cybertron were running toward Optimus because he was going to hand the creator the staff and then they were about to kill Optimus but cade saved him.

Also when the grandpa was talking to Vivian with cade and cogman was playing the piano and making a sound effect as the grandpa speaking the Story. The flashbacks of the story were really touching and i like when they said "No sacrifice, no victory" together.

Of course, the final battle in the movie was so epic and the best part is when Optimus said to the creator "Say hello to my old friend" and then bumblebee said "Sting like a bee" it was kinda epic moment in the battle. Anyway, i can't wait to watch the next movie, I'm sure it will be awesome.

2-Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales 

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

I have seen all the series for this movie as well and it's the best funny movie so far, i mean there are plenty of funny movies but i think this is the best for me.

There are a lot of favorite moments in this movie and the first one is when jack sparrow tried to rob the bank but he ended up drunk and forget that. They wanted to rob the bank but somehow they also robbed the entire house and the funny part is when Jack got pulled with the house.

Also when Jack was about to be punished and the girl with the blue dress started to talk and then jack started to talk as well. When the girl talks everyone turns their head to her and when jack talks everyone turns their head to him and the funny thing it happened twice.

It was an awesome movie and i hope they can do another jack sparrow movie because all of his movies are funny and epic.

3-Guardians of the galaxy: vol 2

Guardians of the galaxy: vol 2

This movie i have seen all the series and i think they only have one and this is the second one. But this one is better than the previous one but both of this one and the previous are good.

The start of the movie was epic where the little tree "Groot" dancing and they are fighting a giant beast. I think they made Groot a lot cuter than he was before and also was somehow helpful for the team.

When star-lord's father took him and his team to another planet they were amazed in meanwhile yondu got arrested and couldn't get out. Guess who helped him? this is where Groot became helpful and helped to get his weapon. I can't wait to watch the new movie hopefully they will release 2018.

4-King Arthur: the legend of the sword:

King Arthur: the legend of the sword

This movie is amazing and it has a new style movie it was the first time to watch a movie like this movie. The story behind this movie was epic and i loved it.

The king died and he has a son and then when he died he made the only person who can lift the sword his son. The movie is a British movie which amazing i love British movies and series.

The best moment it was when the current king(which the next king) decided to kill the previous king's son infront of all the people but it turns on them and they couldn't kill him because he had help from another group who don't follow the current king's rules. The movie is awesome and would love to watch the next season which 2018.

5-Wonder women:

Wonder women

The wonder women movie came after the Batman movie which explains how the wonder women got her power and how she started. She started when she was a child and developed her skills and power.

The story is amazing all the women were separated in another world and has no connection with humans but not until a stranger ended up into their world and from that moment the connection has started. The moment the stranger took the wonder women to London the journey to save the world has begun.

The movie is amazing and because it's just to explain how the wonder women grew and started i assume they will not make another movie.

*The pictures are screenshotted 

You can only get what i have said if you only have watched the movies otherwise you won't understand anything. I don't think there would be a person who haven't watched it yet.

Alright, this is the end and would love to hear from you guys do you have a favorite movie in the list? or what is your favorite movie? comment down below. If you loved the post make sure to subscribe to get more awesome to your email inbox.

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Learn and practice piano and become pianist - Flowkey

Hello everyone, welcome to the blog 

Today I'm going to do a review post and going to review an amazing app you can learn piano from. However, if you've missed the previous post you can check here but changed the way how i review apps and decided to skipped the steps or things not interesting or simple and easy.

I'm going to talk a little bit about the app before i review it but i would like to talk about how i organize the three topics on the blog before i talk about the app. If you have noticed from the three previous posts, i post the Five-list first and then next is the storytime which the fictional stories and then i do the app reviews posts next which the last one and this is how i organize them.

Alright, so the app called Flowkey and it's educational music app which teaches you how to be a good musician. The app focuses on a piano which an instrumental music type, and everyone by now familiar with the piano in matter fact most of us have a piano.

Learn and practice piano and become pianist - Flowkey

The app has courses which the way you can learn the piano and it has different courses we will take a look on that. However, you can learn by following up with a piano song that has been posted in the app. The app endorsed by some of the most famous youtube pianists as well as teachers and musicians worldwide. 

The app also has a premium membership which allows you to gain access to all the songs and unrestricted course content. Alright, this is everything you want to know and the rest we will take a loot on through the review and learn more. However, we will jump right into the app and of course, I've skipped some steps you will take but it's easy steps and unnecessary to write about.

Songs page in the app scrolled down Songs page in the app

Anyway, you have to create an account to use some of the features in this app such as using the premium membership. You will be asked some easy questions to set the app as well.

The pictures above demonstrate the songs page which you will find songs you can listen and learn from.You can favorite songs as well and it will be added to your account which we will see in few seconds.

Choosing your level is important as it allows the app to give you the right songs and courses. However, in the right picture, i have scrolled down a little bit to show you more of the songs you can find. You can scroll more and find more labels, and as you can see in the right picture there are categories for songs as well.

Search page in the app
Search page in the app with items

The next page i will review is the search page which obviously it's where you can search for a specific song. However, you can also search for a specific artist, category, or youtube partner.  

I wanted to show you how it looks when you type something so i typed the letter "G" in the search box as you can see in the right picture and a bunch of songs showed up. The lock icon that shows on the right side of the song indicates that you can't open them as you have to get a premium membership to gain access to all the songs. 

My songs page

 Tuen next one is gonna contain your favorited songs and also what you have learned recently. Because i haven't used the app that long and also haven't favorited any song or learned a course. However, when you tap on the "Discover Now" button you will be directed to the songs page which the first page.

Courses page
Courses page swiped

Alright, so this is the last page which the courses page and its where you gonna find different courses you can take. You don't have to scroll down to find more courses instead you will just swipe to the right and you will find more course as shown in the right picture. 

I swiped once just to show you some of the courses but you can find more than this as you swipe to the right. However, i will show you will expect when you tap on the courses above and if you can notice it. The left pictures below showing what you will expect when you tap on the courses in the left picture above and so for the right one.

I also wanted to show you what you will expect when you tap on a course and i have tapped on the "First steps" in the left picture below and what you gonna see is shown in the picture below it and so for the right picture below. I hope you don't get confused.

Introductions to the piano courses
Reading sheet music courses
First step course
Reading sheet course details
The app also supports for both right and left hand and this is an amazing feature of the app. You can still learn from the app whether you are right or left hand. You can scroll down to see more details about each course.

Alright, this is a wrap for this review i will stop and let you explore more of the app if you liked it. You search "Flowkey" on apple store and you will find it. Don't forget to comment below your thoughts on this app and subscribe to read more awesome app reviews. I will see you guys in the next post but till then stay safe and keep smiling.

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Fictional story: The girl's passion is blogging

Hello everyone, welcome to the blog

Today I'm going to write a random fictional story for you and if you are following me you will know that it's been a day since the last post. Well, yesterday i took a day off to finish setting up my youtube channel. That's right i have created a youtube gaming channel and will be playing random games if you would like to watch me playing games make sure to subscribe here.

Last night something sad happened. I've lost my facebook account including my page on Facebook, it was really sad because took me time to reach 2k but it's okay we don't have time to complain and we should not let small things to stop us. So i have created a new page and i would really appreciate you if you follow me on my facebook page.

Before i start the story i would like to thank you guys for the support for my previous post i was really shocked that most of you liked it and if you haven't read it yet, here is the post. I will try my best to use the five-list niche to help you guys.

Alright, so the story for today it's going to be about someone named "Sarah" and Sarah has a passion for blogging and she loves blogging a lot. Sarah asked her parents to help and buy her a laptop but her parents did not give any attention to her ideas and passion. However, her parents bought her new phone before she asked. But Sarah made her way to blogging and she succeeded. I have written this story for a reason and i will be talking about it in the of this post.

Fictional story: The girl's passion is blogging

Sarah is 17 years old and she still has school, she was going to school and coming back home like any girl and she was normal but Sarah does not have a phone. Sarah was the only one who doesn't have a phone and when she goes to school everyone makes fun of her.

Sarah kept going to school for weeks and she was getting hurt a little bit every time they make fun of her not of what they said but because she doesn't pay attention to what other saying. She was feeling like she should have a phone and so whenever they make fun of her it's like a reminder.

Sarah would come back from school feeling a little bit depressed and her parents noticed that and so Sarah's parents decided to have a talk with her about it. The next day when Sarah was entering the house and on her way to her room Sarah's parents stopped her and made Sarah sit with them to have a talk.

Sarah she was feeling a little bit depressed and Sarah's parents said: "We see you every day depressed when you come back from school, what's the matter?". Sarah told her parents about everything and her parents felt sad about that and decided to surprise her.

Sarah's birthday was two days after the day they had a talk and Sarah's parents found it a perfect day to surprise her. Two days later Sarah's father went to get Sarah's new iPhone and Sarah's father wrapped it into a gift and went home to give Sarah the gift. Sarah was surprised and excitement on her face was not normal when she received the gift.

Sarah was happy and she is not depressed anymore and she kept going to school. Sarah went to school and no one knows about Sarah's new iPhone. Sarah didn't tell anyone and she made them keep making fun of her. And when they started doing that which making fun of her Sarah showed up her new iPhone and everyone was surprised and shocked.

Sarah continued using her new iPhone and she made social media accounts and her parents kept their eyes on her and checking her social media. Weeks later since Sarah created her accounts she made a lot of friends and among these friends, there were bloggers who have blogs.

Every time Sarah open her social media she find those bloggers posting about their blogs on their timelines. Sarah kept doing this for three days and then she decided to explore those blogs and see what they write.

From this moment the fire started to light up and she decided to open a blog and write. Sarah looked up for how to set a blog and everything related to the blogging. One day later Sarah got everything she needs to know to start a blog.

Sarah started a free blog and found that lifestyle was her best niche. Sarah started blogging with her new phone because she doesn't own a laptop. One week later since she started blogging she felt like she needs a laptop to keep blogging but she couldn't afford to buy a new laptop.

Sarah went to her parents and she had a talk with them. She told them about her blogging and she asked them if they could buy her a laptop. Sarah's parents asked her "What do the blogging will do to do to our lives?", Sarah replied, "It could help us to increase the income for our house".

However, Sarah's desire wasn't the money but she told them so they can accept it but Sarah's parents didn't believe that and they rejected her and did not help Sarah to buy the laptop. So Sarah couldn't do anything but to keep blogging with the iPhone.

Two years later Sarah was able to earn money from blogging and she bought her first laptop. Sarah's parents were shocked that Sarah was able to buy a laptop on her own. Sarah kept growing up rapidly since she got the laptop and her family finally has believed on her idea.

Sarah kept blogging and she was able to follow her passion and grow up. She earned a lot of money from blogging and her family decided to support her and work with her. This is how the story ended.

I have decided to write this story because most of the people look at the blogging as only a way to earn money but here is a thing most of the bloggers (included me) who really love to blog are doing for passion and a way to contribute help to others. I would say the money is like a reward to what they are doing to the world.

I hope you guys enjoyed it and i would really love to know your opinions and thoughts on this story, also don't forget to follow me on my new facebook page. I will see you guys in the next post but till then as always stay awesome and have a great day.