Hello Everyone!

Welcome to this page, maybe you have a question in your mind and i will assume that the question is "Why do you need a Policies page if you have a blog". Sounds good question and i think i have an answer for that.

So listen, dear person, this is not an only blog, ok? this is a way to communicate and to know each other. If you look at it as a blog then you are wrong because its something more than a blog. We can communicate and talk our thoughts with each other and because of that, we need some simple rules to follow to make sure that we use it with the right way.

Every post there will be a section for you to write down your thoughts or asking for something, or maybe you want to know more or share your opinion and i think that's a great idea to also communicate with each other. So i have come up with some simple important rules we all can follow and be positive and have fun. We don't need any negativity in our world and simply by following those policies we would be able to stop it and have a positive life.

1-First one: RESPECT

When people share their opinions or their thoughts about something, we should respect it and if its helpful we will support it. You have no rights to disrespect any person in this communication (the blog). Follow the quote that says "Treat people the way you want to be treated. Talk to people the way you want to be talked to. Respect is earned, not given".

If you break this rule you will be banned from the communication and you will never see it again because you can't disrespect someone by mistake or without you meaning it. So make in mind to respect other people in this communication.

2-Second one: SPAMMING 

Spamming can be something that ruins the good side and we can't allow it to destroy the good side in this communication so spamming is not allowed in this blog. If you spam in any post you will be warned and if you don't take an action you will be deleted.But make sure not to spam in the first time.

3-Third one: PORNOGRAPHY  

You are not allowed to share any porn sites in the comment section in any case. This is an important rule so that means you will not be warned you will be banned immediately. You can't share anything related to porn because we are here to have positive time and enjoy our time.

4-Fourth one: PROMOTIONS

No promotion allowed in this communication, again we are here to have time together for communicate not to promote. If you break this rule you will be warned and if you don't take any action toward this case you will be banned for life which means you won't be able to be part of this communication.

You can share links for help, for example, if someone asks for help and you have the tutorial on your blog, you can help him but direct him/her to your blog by sharing YOUR blog. You are not allowed to share someone's work unless its close to you and he/she know you better so in that case, you can help both your friend and the person who asked.

Alright, so this is everything i can think of, and make in mind that this page will be updated from time to time and we can't notify you about that so you might want to visit this page every month because the changes will be at the first of every month if there will be changes.

If someone breaks the rules and we didn't notice that which the percent of it happening is very low but if there is someone break without us noticing make sure to email me the case and we are gonna take a look at it immediately.

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