Thursday, September 21, 2017

Find and Cook and buy New recipes - Yummly

Hello everyone, welcome to the blog today i'm going to talk an amazing app and before we go through the app let me talk little about the app.

If you haven't cook or don't know how to cook,maybe you know how to cook but don't know what to cook well this app is for you today i'm gonna review an food app named "Yummly" with this app you can find so many recipes and not only that you can also find how to cook it and also you can learn more about the recipe.

For example if you want to know how much the recipe contain Sodium the app will provide you with good information for your need. The app also have an store where you can buy stuff from for example if you looking for kitchen essentials you will find a category in the store and you can find what you seeking for.

This is everything you want to know about the app before we jump into because we when jump into you will learn more about the app. So lets get this post started and i hope you will enjoy this app.

The app's logo

Alright we will with the logo of this app as you can see there is two lemons in the bottom which indicate that this app is food app. This is different app from the previous ones so we will start to create an account and then we will see the features however this app does not show any features at the beginning of the app instead you will be asked simple questions to set up your account.

Sign up options in the app

Alright we gonna start with creating an account. There is three options you can choose to create your account and because the first two options is easy and quick to use we will use the third one to let you see what kind of process you will be facing.

Enter your email page

You will go through steps you will not be given all the forms in one page so we will go through that as well. You will start with your email so provide the app your email and then when you finish press "Next" and you will be taken to the next step.

Enter your password page

The next step you will take is the password step and in this step you will provide a good strong password for your account. However i wasn't really gonna paste a password because i write them but when i pressed on the form it showed the paste option for me.

How shall we greet you page

I think step is for fun but you will choose how the app will greet, there is nothing interesting and you will choose however you want the app to greet you. Press next when you finish writing it and you will be taken to the next step.

Birthday date page
 The wants your birthday date so that it can add it to your account information so you will provide it for it. However the app uses an easy to use method and its quick. Once you finish this step click on the "Next" button.

First question of simple questions

Alright so now the app will ask you simple questions to let you use the most of the app and have good use. The first question what is your favorite cuisines ?, you can pick whatever you love. If you don't pick anything then it will shows "Skip" which you can skip but when you pick it will shows "Next".

Second question of simple questions

 The next question you will be asked is do you have any allergies or diets, this question is separated into two parts the allergies and diets so pick your options and when you finish picking click next button and you will be taken to the next step.

Third question of simple questions

The next question you will be asked is what is the food you don't like. The is trying to let you use the most of the app so in order to allow it do that you have to pick everything correctly and you will love the app.

Fourth question of simple questions

How you rate your cooking skill? this is important because if you choose beginner you will be given another way to use the app that allow you to learn more and more how to cook and everything. BE careful and describe your skill correctly.

Fifth question of simple questions

 The last question is to select the recipe that appeal to you and you can choose more than one just tap on it and it will be added to your account when you visit you account setting which we will see in second.

Information page in the app
 I will call these pages as welcoming pages because there is nothing to choose or anything. Its just pages show your chosen options and stuff. So if you want to click on the "Close" button if you want to skip but i will go through it so quick so you kind see what it will be looks like.

An welcoming page in the app

Alright next page you will is the page where it tells you that you are set and you will be provided with a button that says "Get started" which we will go through some we call it feature pages and we will see what it looks like.

Tutorial page in the app

Alright so the first one is telling you can schedule an cooking session for you if you want and reminder.

Easy and simple you just click on the recipe you want to cook and then find the schedule button and schedule your cooking session and when you will eat it and press on "Set".

A pop-up for location access permission

A you ready to get inside the app?, we are about to enter the app and see how it looks like from the inside but before we enter, do you want the app shows popular recipes from your area? well you can do that but you have to allow the app to access your location first.

Homepage for the app

Alright here we go we are inside the app and now as you can see the app contain couple of pages that placed in the bottom of the screen. As always we will go through every page and show you what it looks like. However we apologize we cant provide you pictures of the two pages but i will tell and explain what is it.

The first page contain three pages you can visit. The first page is "Just for you" page which give you recipes has been chosen for you.

The second page is "Explore" page which give you the option to explore the app and you can also find videos of cooking tutorials you can watch and more and more options you can find.

The third page which the last one is "Store" its pretty obvious what this page is. Its the app's store you can find stuff to purchase in the app such as "Kitchen Essentials"  and "time-saving tools " or "Slow cooker pro" and many more of the categories and stuff you can buy.

Search page for the app

 Moving to the next page which the "Search" page which you can search for specific thing you are looking in the app. You can also search by filters for tasty recipes. There is nothing here to talk so we will just move to the next page.

Profile page for the app

 Coming next the profile page this is where you can find your information and everything you have chosen in the beginning of the sign-up process which the simple questions. You can add more or delete you can control your profile and add a description for your profile and also you can choose a profile picture.

If you scroll down you find more collection. You also can add new collection to your profile and add items and recipes to it.

The app's shopping list

The next page is the shopping list. This page will contain your shopping list has been made by you. I haven't purchase anything so its so empty but once you buy something you can find it in the shopping list which is this.

Setting page for the app

The last page in the app we will review for the today is the setting page. This is obvious what is this page. You can edit your account details or give the app feedback and support.

Alright this is everything for today's post i hope you enjoyed it and as always i do not have an link for the app but you can check their website for more details. and also you can follow developers's twitter account.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Discover tours and activities everywhere you go - Viator

Hello everyone, how are you doing today?, in case you missed the previous travel post check it out here, i posted about an amazing app you can discover restaurants or hotels and more wherever you go, and today we will have another travel app that have something different.

Today i will talk about an app called Viator, this app helps you to discover activities and tours everywhere you go. Its similar to the previous app but instead of restaurants and hotels you can discover tours and activities. The app does not belong to the same developers of the previous travel app.

A thumbnail post

The app have an simple and easy way to discover, and also good news there is no setting up process or anything but there is one thing and it is, it will ask you for permission to access your locatiion and that because if you want to discover in the city or place you are in.

I have been using this recently and i'm going to be honest with you i dont know that much about the app. There is prices in the app and i think its for the price of the activity or the tour you will be going to. If you have been using this app for long time i would love to know that so comment it below. Anyway lets go inside and see what this app have.

Alright as always we gonna start with the first page and in the picture above you will see it when you first open the app and there is no buttons or anything you will be taken to the next step directly because this is just a logo and tagline.

Detection and choosing location page

I have a screenshot (above) of the app detecting my location to show that and as long you accept it, you will be forwarded to inside the app directly and i wanted to try a new place so i tapped on "choose different destination". But if you are already in another destination you can just let it access to your location and it will show you the available list.

Tours page

The above picture show you the activities and tours in new york city whichs the one i choose, if you look closely to the picture above it says "there is 300 things to do" this is insane. The app provide you with date of the activities and tours and the price. However i'm not sure if you can book or not but i will assume that you can because there is a price.

If you have noticed that this app doesn't have pages to go through but if you look at the picture again you will find there is links i would say that you click on it and it contain something. So we will go through it quickly to show you more of the app.

Attraction page

First link we will look at it is the attraction and this link will show you more details on tours and activities. It also show you popular ones and also when you tap on them you will be taken a page where you can read more details on the tour or activity.

Search page

Next link would be the search, in this one you can search for specific tour or activity, and i think you also can search by cities and areas not sure but i think. Anyway you can also change the destination you have chosen. You can change it from the button in the middle of the page or you can change it in the top right button. 

Recommendation link

If you are not sure what to do from the tours and activities, in the above picture which it show the recommendation of tours and activities depend on the destination you have chosen. I think its the most rated list of tours and activities.

A map with details

This link which is the map link will help you explore and discover tours and activities from the map and this one have similar function which i call it the constant update, wherever you move in the map it will update and if there is an available tours or activities it will be listed. 

If you look closely to the picture above under each list show how many things you can do, and this is places where it can hold any activity or tour. We are not going to visit any of the above list i will leave that for you to explore and discover your tour or activity.

A Map

I kind wanna show you how the map looks like and how it list the available tours and activities so i tapped on the map and everything will fade away but if you want to get it back, there is a button in the bottom where you can bring the list back.

Alright we have reached the end of this post, you can go check out the developers website and you can check their twitter. Other than that i will see you guys in the next post and till then have lovely day.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Learn and Practice Exercises and workouts - Zova

Hello everyone, i wanna mention before i start i have used a new post design in the previous post and if you missed it here, check it here i want you guys to tell me what you think should i do it for all the future posts or stick with old design like this one.

The app we will talk about is Zova, and this app can help you out with calculate and measure your fitness and workout, it also provide you with videos on exercises and workouts so you can do it appropriately. Make in mind workout and exercises will cause a pain if you don't do it properly.


Anyway we will go through the app and learn more about this app, this app have a different way of setting up the app and i going through all of the setting process will take a lot of effort so, i will show some of it and then we will move to the inside of the app. Because setting up the app is easy and unnecessary.

First page (welcome page)

Alright as always we will start from the beginning and in the first picture (above) you will see this picture when you first app the app, however it will start automatically you wont do anything i just wanted to start with this. Anyway as i said this app have different setting up process and so it begin now.

first step in the process

Second step in the process

Third step in the process

Alright so the process of the setting up its going to be like a chat (automated messages) you will go through this and you will be asked certain questions and permissions. The picture above when there is a show me button in the chat, this will show you how active you are and because i just used the app so my active score will be very low

The score will be shown in the picture below this paragraph whichs the next step, and you will see zero score haha and that because i haven't used the app before.

My zova score My zova average daily activity

The left picture shown my score  and i'm in the range of low haha well its first time using this app so i will get better. The right picture where is my daily activity and as well its low but i will get better. Anyway enough with that lets keep moving, as i said i will just show some of the steps but you gonna go through more steps than i mentioned and i think you are not interesting to read about them so we will jump into the app.

Home page 2Home page 1

We are now inside the app and this is the home page which you first when you finish the set up process for the app. Look at the bottom of the app there is three things and those are the ones which we will go through them.

This app also have a profile page which you can find it in the top its obvious but we will look into that page and see what you will be expecting. Anyway lets focus on the page we are in, so this is the home page for the app and as you can see there different categories. I'm not gonna go into any of these categories i will let you explore by your self but i'm going to tell you that it is an amazing and useful  stuff into these categories.

Th organization for the categories listed by the name so if you want upper body exercises you will find it under the name "upper body", if you scroll down you find more categories you can explore. Anyway as i said i will leave it for you to explore the app and watch videos and exercises.

So if you look back in the picture above there is three buttons in the bottom, the middle one is just a function where you can take selfies and pictures. The left button will take you to a dashboard where your score will be shown up and more details.

However we will go through the page where  button on the right side will take you to, and we will see what you gonna find out over there.

Log an activity page twoLog an activity page one

Log an activity page Three

This is what you will see i have taken screenshots for every category will be listed. So this is where you can log an activity of course and you will choose which activity you want and you will set a time and period for the activity. Setting up an exercise and time and period is easy and simple so i don't have to mention it here. We will just skip this and move to the next.

I think you do this step is like a practice, you learn about something and you come here to set a time and period to practice the exercise. Anyway this is everything you would like to know about what in the right button in the homepage of the app.

Profile pageFavorite exercises page
Before i end this post i would like to show you guys how is the profile page looks like and also there is a page where your favorite exercises stored. So as you can see in the picture above the left picture is where your favorite exercises will be stored and you can find this page in the home page in the top next to the profile page.

The profile page does not contain that much its just a picture profile and your track of the week, and your name. You can find this app on android and iphone, and also here is the website of the developers of this app, and also check their twitter.

Alright its time to wrap this post and i hope you guys liked this app, make sure to share you opinion on this app. Also what is your favorite exercise ?.