Hello Everyone, welcome to the about page for The "krivenien" blog, by the time you read this the blog has gone through a lot of changes and it was such a great experience but here in this page and what you will read its gonna be the last change that we will have for this blog.

Let me go thought the changes quickly before i tell you about the blog, so i have started this blog with tech niche and i kept blogging for while and then i found out that health is important in our life than tech and so i decided to change and start blogging about health.

Days later i found something interesting its called travel niche and so i wanted to do it because its fun and its something people interested in and the most important part is that travel niche could help people who willing to go to the same place i posted about and you will learn more about the place so when you go there you already know something about the place.

I was going through my posts and i found out that my posts doesn't give any value to the readers and i was thinking what is wrong with my posts, later i found out that as blogger who want to help people should have experience and should have knowledge to help others otherwise it wont do any value. This is for health and tech.

Travel was easy to blog but it was expensive and so i had to stop because i don't have enough money to travel every place in the world. So i was little bit disappointed because i still want to help other people, i found out something that i can blog about and would help people as well.

I found out that blogging about apps and review apps could help people in different things and you know that apps nowdays have huge impact on our life so it would interest people to read about apps.

So i start blogging about apps and then i felt like i wasn't doing that much and i want to do something bigger and then i was thinking more deep for something that would interest people to read and also help. I got an idea of a new topic that i called "Blog your day" where i blog my day instead of vlog it.

But then again i wasn't satisfied with my new change i felt like it wasn't that cool idea to blog because its new and no one has done it. So i kept going back and forth and now i have came with a final decision.

The final decision is that i will turn this blog into entertainment niche and i'm sure you know that there is various niches of entertainments and what we gonna have is "Fictional Stories entertainments" and its obvious from the title that this blog will contain amazing and fun fictional stories.

The blog also will contain series of fictional stories and i try my best to add as much fun and entertainment as i possibly can.

I have started blogging about apps and i'm not gonna stop blogging about apps but its really hard to find a good and useful app in the stores so as soon as i get a good app i will review it and also if you are a software or app developer and you want us to review your app, would love to review it as long as it give value to the reader, so if you find your self an app developer or a company and you want us to review your app you can contact me.

If you want to contact me about anything you can always find me in my social media and my email at: frankllandjason@gmail.com