Hello everyone, welcome to the about page

Through this page, you will learn everything about this blog and i will start by the name of the blog. I know the name is a little bit complicated but its unique and amazing, and to make easy for you the name consist of two part "Kriven" and "ien" which makes it "Krivenien".

A brand new logo for the blog has been created and it has a meaning. The letter "k" stands for "Krivenien" and the circles in the background represent a success which starts from the bottom and reach the top.

The blog contains 9 topics and what this blog will have for now is three topics i will talk about them in more details but before that let mention about the rest of the labels or topics.

I have been blogging about different stuff and it seems doesn't work with me because whether i'm not expert or i don't have enough knowledge to help people and i don't wanna steal. So i decide to blog about what i can and help people with what i have.

So throughout my journey of blogging i have found my good topics that i can blog about and also help people and its the three topics that i will talk about right now.

The Fictional stories:

This is the first topic and the main one that i found out its something that i'm good at and it could help people, you may wonder how this could help people.

Entertainment in our life is something essential and it helps make people's lives better and happier and i think its good to make part of my blog.

So i was thinking about something different and i think fictional stories is one of the entertainment type that i can blog and its better than the previous ideas i have blogged about.

The fictional story will have two kind of stories and the first one is "Random" which will have one story in one post. The second one is "Series" which the story will have episodes and will be more than one post.

The Five-list:

The five-list topic is a new to the blog and it will be a recommendation of five things you should do or have. This is not only what it will be about but also it will be about five things of my favorite things like movies.games, products etc.

The App reviews:

The app reviews obviously will be reviewing mobile apps and also software. I have started this before and its really struggle to find a good app to review and because of it, i will do a review post as soon as i get a good app.

You have a chance if you are an app developer and you want your app to be reviewed and posted on this blog you can always contact me through my social media or you can go to the contact page.

This is the three topics that the blog will have for now and i have organized the blog and made it easier to navigate.

The three active topics are listed in the menu bar which below the blog name and the other labels or topics will be listed in the sidebar of the blog along with the active topics for more reference. So if  you want to explore the active topics you can go to the menu bar and if you want to explore the entire blog you can go to the sidebar.

The landing pages such as this page will be in the very top and it will have three pages along with another homepage link. The three landing pages are the "About", "Contact", "Policies". The social media for the blog will be listed in the very top but in the right side because the left for the landing pages and the right for the social media.

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