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Set and track your health plans - Lifesum

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I was going through apps in the app store and i found a good app and so today I'm going to review this app and give you a good picture of it. I have written a new random fictional story and if you've missed it, make sure to check it out here.

Allow me to give you a brief about the app before i review it. The app called "Lifesum" and it's health app. It helps you to set a goal and track it and see if you are doing better or worse. You can pick the right recipe for your health as well, and also the app provides you with good details about the recipe. For example how much calories it contains.

Set and track your health plans - Lifesum

I usually review the process of creating an account or setting up an account but in this post, I'm not going to review the process of creating an account. Well, I've decided to change the way how i review apps and because things like creating an account are simple and easy, plus it's not interesting.

I also screenshot the logo of every app and post it as a good starter for the review and from now on, i will stop screenshotting the logo which the first thing you see when you enter the app. I really wanna know your opinion on this change, so make sure to leave your thoughts on this change and also on the app.

Goals you can set

Alright, so this is the first thing you gonna see when you enter the app and it's obvious if you take a look at the bottom of the picture. It says login and this means you have to create an account in order to use this app.

I have already mentioned that we are not going through the steps of creating the account and we will jump right into the app. However, these are the goals you can set and i have picked to lose Weight just to show you what it looks like.

The Diary page

 So after you create the account you will be taken to the inside of the app. However, as usual, we will go through all the pages in the bottom of the app and see what each page contain.

The first page which in the picture above is the homepage we call it but it named "Diary" in the app and this page contains your details on how you did or how much you've lost as shown in the picture above. My goal was to lose 1847 cal and because i haven't done anything I've lost nothing.

If you scroll down you will find that you can add food plan and track it, for example, lunch plan, dinner, and also snacks. You can add exercise plan as well.

Before i jump into the next page, let me show you what you will see when you tap on the "Details" link below the Protein.

The details link

Alright, You will be able to see more of the details along with the goal intake and also the nutrition intake if you take a close look at the bottom of the picture. Also, you will be able to see the progress diary but you have to get the premium version in order to use this feature.

Setting plan options

The next page is the Friends page and this page contain posts and stuff shared by your friends and so because it contains posts that have been shared by your friends that means you can share as well. I do not have any friends so far and that's why there is no post!

I will screenshot what you will see when you tap on the green plus button in the middle, this is not a page but it's a button that have a function.

Setting plan options

When you tap on the green plus button a menu will pop-up for you and you can set a plan and track your meals, exercises. If you remember in the first page you also can set a plan and so this is another way how to set a plan in this app. 

I haven't sat any plan and that's why we are not reviewing the process of setting up a plan but i believe it's easy and simple.

Plans page

The next page after the green plus button is where you can find the plans you have sat. Again i haven't sat any plans when i reviewed the app but i have created plans and its working great. If you scroll down you will find more stuff to explore and i will leave this for you so you can have something to explore in the app.

Recipes page

 This is the last page we gonna review but i would like to show you something additional to this page. Anyway, this page is where you gonna find recipes for you. Again i didn't scroll down because there is a lot of stuff and i will leave it for you to explore.

Recipe details

However, i would like to show you what the recipe lists look like and how you can find the details for the recipe. Look at the bottom of the picture above, there are tags and these tags describe the recipe. For example, the 700-800 calories tag describe the recipe by telling that the recipe contains calories between 700 to 800.

If you look again and below the name of the recipe there are the accurate details about the recipe. Alright, this is a wrap for the post, i hope you enjoyed it and don't forget to leave your thoughts on the new change for the app reviews and on this app as well. I will see you in the next post but till then as always stay safe and happy.

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