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Five-list: 5 activities will help you to keep your kids away from electronic devices

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Today's post gonna be a five-list post and you are going to read about 5 activities that will help you to keep your kids away from video games and phones. I'm not a parent yet but from what I've collected from my parents and the people around i think these 5 activities would work for most of the kids.

I would love to keep you guys updated on everything i do to the blog and social media. So yesterday I've gone through my entire blog again and found that a couple of posts contained pictures from google and so i deleted them and replaced them with simple photos i created.

Alright, so if you are a parent with kids you will understand that kids love playing video games on consoles like PlayStation or Xbox a lot. Kids also love playing games on phones and how can you keep them away from those things? i will mention 5 activities will help you to keep them away.

Five-list: 5 activities that will help you to keep your kids away from electronic devices

You may ask yourself, why do you have to keep them away while they enjoying it? well, let me talk about a real story that happened to my little brother. We have a little brother and he is at 1 year and my mom would allow him to play on the phone and watching videos. Later my family found that my little brother can't see clearly which means he started to lose vision.

This means it could be a big problem to kids vision and sometime it will lead to a blindness. After they found that my family decided to do something about it and stop my little brother from using any devices but also don't let him get bored. From this experience, i wanted to do this post and help people with the same struggle. These activities i shared them with my family and they seem supporting it.

 Everyone probably knows that kids have a lot of energy and so i have added an activity that will help you to burn your kid's energy.

1-Play legos with your kid:

Play legos with your kid

This is the most famous way to keep your kid away from any electronic devices but here is a thing, most people would drop the legos on the ground and let the kid play by him/her self. My family has done this before and this is not how it's done because the kid doesn't know how to play or what to play.

So you sitting with him/her and playing means so much. You can play a race with cars or a battle with characters and more fun stuff to do when you play with your kid but when playing alone there is nothing to play and it's boring. Also, he/she got to have a family time with parents.

You can also build a lot of stuff with legos because you have a lot of ideas while he/she doesn't have that much. They only know is house or wall.

You may have a creative kid that will do so much with legos but there a lot of ordinary kids i would call it that need your assistant.

2-draw with your kid:

The drawing is famous as well along with the reading which you read books with your kid and it's also educational but I'm going to talking about the drawing. The fun of drawing depends on how you do it.

Let's say that you only draw simple things every day that would be boring for the kids and therefore they will hate it. But if you draw different stuff and let him/her participate and draw that would be more fun.

You can also make even more fun by adding jokes along with the drawings. Like draw a funny drawing and make jokes on it that would be fun, right?.

This could be an educational session for the kids where they learn how to draw and that would help them in art class when they start the school or improve their skills if they are already in school.

3-Have a run with your kid:

This is the activity that would burn kids energy and I'm sure you may ask yourself, how do you run with your kid? well, let me tell you what i have done.

Every time i see my uncle's kids and my little brothers together playing i would say "Who wants to race?" and they all get excited and want to race. However, most of the time will work but sometimes it won't.

But you won't do it every time, you can do it like once a day and that would be enough. This activity not only to get them away from the electronic devices but also its healthy activity. This would work with kids from 1 year and above.

You may think its weird to have a run with your kid but I'm gonna tell that it really makes the kid happy and loved when he/she have a family time. You don't have to race because there are many things you can do to have a run with your kid.

4-Play hide and seek with your kid:

The hide and seek game is probably the best game for kids but most of the people don't give it attention as it's a good activity you can do with your kids. Especially when you have more than one kid that would make it more fun but still playing with them is good.

However, there is another activity related to this and it's called "Find the object" well i named it and it's where you hide something and the kids try to find it. This is good when you have more than one as well because it turns to a competition between kids.

5-Play around the house:

This includes everything could be done around the house. For example skating or driving the bike with your kid, playing with RC trucks. If you have a backyard and you got a slide that would work perfectly.

 You can allow kids to play football in the backyard if you have more than one or you could play with him/her. We do this often with my brothers and the kids in our backyard.

Would be perfect if you have a reading session with your kid in the backyard or it could be a drawing session. Anything that would work for your kids around the house is perfect.

Alright, this is a wrap for this post and i hope you enjoyed it and find it helpful for you. As i said i've collected those recommendations of 5 activities which means you may don't know about or don't do it but if you find good activities i would love to know that and so make sure to leave your thoughts on this. Thank you for reading.

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  1. Good suggestions, most which we follow in our house. Lego is a great one for us.
    Well Done !!

  2. You're never too old to play with legos... haha

  3. Yep! Great advice! If ever I'll have kids, I'll buy the toys I wanted to play with when I was little but could not afford and play with them! :)

  4. Love these ideas. Too much use of technology by kids these days. They need to use their imagination and also get bored sometimes.

  5. These are all really good suggestions! So many children get addicted to electronics at such a young age these days. Of course, in moderation it is okay. But I'm glad I see people encouraging their kids to do more :)

  6. Great post - it is so easy to just put the television on, or hand kids a tablet or phone. I am an artists, so do lots of art with my children - But I am going to try and get out and do some activities outside with them too. Thanks for sharing. Ali

  7. Great tips! I especially like the Lego tip; that's something you can really play with for hours, and I think many children may not even know what it is anymore. At least, it looks like that where I live!

  8. I love this! The less random screen time the better- we rock a lot of puzzles but I can't wait for lego!

  9. Great ideas for little ones but what about tweens and teens?

    1. You can allow them to hang out with brothers or friends around the house or nearby. You can have family talk with them :)), maybe take them to a theme park? or to the pool. There are many different things you can do to help them to keep them safe and save their eyes :))

  10. I don't have kids yet. Am I lucky? I don't have to be tensed or I'm unlucky I can't feel such greatness of parenting and controlling a super talented, naughty kid? Anyway, I'll try to remember your tips. Thanks.

  11. This is a wonderful write-up and I could not agree more. It is a daily struggle for many parents. I feel connecting with them on a one-on-one level is a great start. :)

  12. Great post! I was an early 90's kid and grew up without devices, and I wouldn't have had it any other way. When I have children, I plan on having limits on electronics. Kids need to go out, explore and get dirty!

  13. Great suggestions for quality time. Thanks for sharing!

  14. My kid is now addicted on youtube. Excellent tips, will definitely follow.

  15. Great tips. I think enrolling your kid to social amenities centers is also a great idea. That way, if you are not around, he'll be busy kicking the ball with other kids, keeping him or her away from the video games and TV.

  16. I think I have done all such activities! Great tips for parents. Thanks for sharing it.

  17. I have always asked myself how we can get rid of technological interferences among the young generation and you have brought the solutions in a simple way. Great post

  18. Great suggestions. I had the same issue, even though my son is only 10 months; you can see how intrigued he is with gadgets. great piece
    social problems

  19. Nice one ...mine is hide and seek and playing a board game of their choice :)

  20. This is a good suggestion. Legos is my first choice

  21. Love your suggestions! Legos are my favorites! :-)

  22. Great post but is that really possible though because our kid don't have a mobile phone but all their friends does

  23. this will come in hand pretty soon mine is 9 months, thanks for the tips

  24. Great piece! I'm a huge fan of going for a run with the kids. Getting exercise as a family has done wonders! -Ryan

  25. Totally agree with you! The personal contact is way more important than the digital one.

  26. Great article! Just got done helping him building a pirate boat. thank you for sharing this.