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Fictional Story: Someone looking After me (Part one)

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Today I'm so excited to share with you my first series in fictional stories topic. I have started random fictional stories weeks before and the reason why i haven't started the series is that because i wanted to make it more epic and start good but i guess we will start normally and soon we will upgrade it. If you don't know what I'm talking about, make sure to visit this page and learn more about the blog.

Allow me to talk about what i wanted to do before i start the first part of the story. I wanted to draw and create characters and create the place or the world where the story will be but seems it will not work as planned because i don't have like software to build the characters and i can't afford to buy one but bear with me, i promise i will try my best to develop it and make it more fun and epic.

Fictional Story: Someone looking After me (Part one)

Lastly, i wanna talk about is that i wish if Google could add the "Tags" feature to blogger because that would help us to organize the blogs better. Because now we only have labels and it's hard to organize it. Anyway, let's start this story and i hope you will like it.

So this kind of fictional stories will be different from the random fictional stories and it will be structured differently. I will mention all the characters will be in this part of the story and each part will be mentioning all the characters. I wanted to include pictures for the characters and the world but we will start without it and i will try my best to provide it soon or hopefully for the next part.

The Characters:

The main characters                      

Ashley (14 years old)

Emely (Ashley's sister, 12 years old)

Larry (Ashley's brother, 11 years old)

John (Ashley's father, 39 years old)

Nikki (Ashley's mother, 37 years old)
James (John's brother, 34 years old)

Andrea (Nikki's sister, 31 years old )

Brittany (Ashley's school best friend, 14 years old)

Ryan (Ashley's school best friend, 15 years old)

Haley (Ashley's best friend, 15 years old)

The secondary characters

Peter (Ashley's school friend, 15 years old)

Henry (Ashley's school friend, 14 years old)

Katie (Ashley's school friend, 14 years old)

Lauren (Haley's friend, 16 years old)

Jack (Haley's friend, 15 years old)

Alright, the characters listed based on the appearance which means the main characters will appear in most of the story and the secondary character will be less. The story talks about a girl named "Ashley" and this girl grew up and finished high school. Ashley entered the university after a year since she finished high school and during her university, she created something great and it helped a lot of people. She finished the university and became a heroine.

The story starts from Ashley's first day at school. Nikki dropped her two kids Emely, larry at their school and then she took Ashley to her school. Because it was Ashley's first day at high school Ashley spent the free time before the class starts to learn more about the school and explore it.

After five minutes of Ashley exploring the school, everyone got into their classes. Ashley was a little bit shy because it's her first time in the high school and so the others in Ashley's class. The students in the class got a break time and Ashley was sitting alone in the class because she was shy and couldn't talk with anyone.

A girl showed up and introduced herself to Ashley by saying "Hey, my name is Brittany" and Ashley replied "Hey, nice to meet you, my name is Ashley" and then they did a quick handshake. Brittany sat with Ashley and talked with her the entire break time and they exchanged information about each other.

Because it was the first day at school they allowed the students to go home early after they've learned about everything. Ashley and Brittany got out of the school together and at the school's gate, they got separated. Nikki took Ashley home and then later she went to pick up Emely and larry and came back home.

Later in the day John came back from his work and was tried and exhausted because of the tremendous amount of energy that he spent on the work he did. John was expecting to go back home and rest but somehow James called him and asked if he could come to his house and help. John couldn't reject him and he went to James's house.

In meanwhile Ashley, Emely and Larry went out in the backyard to play. Nikki was doing the dashes and suddenly Andrea showed up and helped Nikki with cleaning the house and sat with her and talked.

Later in the evening, John came back from James's house and Andrea was already gone back home. Nikki prepared a dinner for John and the kids. John and the family ate the dinner together, and later the kids went to sleep.

The next day Nikki woke up early and she woke the kids up for school. Nikki prepared a breakfast for the kids whilst they prepare themselves for the school. Nikki took the kids to school after they ate the breakfast and got prepared.

Nikki took Emely and larry to their school first and then went to take Ashley to her school. Coincidentally Nikki stopped at the school gate as Brittany's mom parked and Ashley saw Brittany getting out of the car and she shouted her name after. After Ashley shouted she look across the road and saw a stranger staring at her.

Ashley and Brittany walked into the school together and they are in the same so they kept walking together to the class. Brittany was behind Ashley in the class and which makes it easy for them to talk even in the class in the free time. Later on, they finished the class and got a break, Ashley and Brittany were walking around together and talking.

While Ashley and Brittany were walking there was a group of three students was standing and talking to each other on the walkway. Brittany saw them and said to Ashley "Hey, look, its the new students" Ashley replied, "What is their names?" Brittany said, "I heard that their names, Henry and Katie and the other one is not new but his name is Peter" and then Brittany said, "Would like to go and say hi to them?" Ashley replied, "umm, yes let's go say hi to them".

Ashley and Brittany walked toward the three students and then they stood infront of them and as they stopped Brittany said: "Hey there, you are the new students, right?" Henry replied "Hey, yes me and Katie" and Peter said, "Who are you?". Ashley replied "I'm Ashley" and Ashley pointed to Brittany and said, "This is Brittany".

Katie said, "A you guys new as well?" Brittany replied "yes, we are new too" and they did a quick handshake and talked for a little bit. Ashley and Brittany continued walking together until the break time is over and then they walked back the class.

 Days later, the weekend has come and Ashley asked her mom to take her and her brother and sister to an Amusement park. Ashley's mother said yes to Ashley and Ashley went to prepare and told her brother and sister about it and they got prepared as well.

Emely and Larry went to the long slide in the amusement and Ashley went for the roller coaster and she was waiting for her turn to come. There were three people waiting for their turn as well and they were standing next to Ashley. A girl was next to Ashley and said to Ashley "A you waiting for your turn too?" and then Ashley replied "Huh.."

The girl said "Hey, my name is Haley" and then Ashley replied "Hey, my name is Ashley, nice to meet you" and then they did a quick handshake as well. While they were waiting for their turns Ashley kept looking around and saw the same stranger staring at her and she turns her head away and stopped looking at the stranger. Ashley and Haley's friendship start from the moment they introduced themselves to each other. They spent more time getting into more of rides and other slides.

After one hour, Ashley and their family got back to home and Ashley got Haley's phone number to connect with her more and be friends after they spent time together in the amusement park.

After few minutes since Ashley and her family got home, Ashley went to her room and she was lying down on her bed. She started to hear small rocks being thrown at the window in her room, She heard it twice and she went downstairs and on her way to outside her mom was sitting on the couch watching the TV and saw Ashley going outside, Ashley's mom asked her "Ashley, where you going?" Ashley replied, "In the door to check something".

Ashley went to the outside and opened the door, she looked around standing on the door and she found nothing. She walked few steps outside to check around the house and she turned back as she was going back to the house and she saw someone was standing on the right side of the house....

Alright, guys, this is gonna be the end of this part and if you would love to read more of this series make sure to subscribe to the blog so you don't miss it. Also, make sure to follow me on my social media because i do post every post on my social media.

I would love to know your thoughts and opinions on my first fictional story series, so make sure to leave a comment down below about your thoughts or opinions on the first part. Before i end the post i would like to mention why i made the main character a female, if you look around you will find that most of the series the main character would be a male and so i wanted to change that and do something different. This is the first part of the series and so there is a lot of interesting stuff you will read.

Thank you so much for reading and i will see you guys in the next post but till then stay awesome and be happy.

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