Monday, September 11, 2017

Set a Meal and workout plans - Fitwell

Hello everyone, welcome to the blog today Monday and you know what is it,  ITS AN APP REVIEW POST. That's right we will have app review post today also i have added a new schedule for the posts in this blog, if you didn't know that check out the about page in the top of this blog.

Alright today's app going to be about health and fitness and this app called "Fitwell" you may guess by the name of the app its for fitness but gonna tell you that it does have more than what you think. Let me tell what this app can you help with.

The app can:

-help you to get the right essentials on everyday.

-help you to follow a smart and dynamic daily plan.

-help you to eat the right food for your health and what you like.

-help you to get the best shape you can be.

Alright so now we are going to go into the app and learn more on how to do this and what it will be look like inside the app. 

Logo page

Alright we gonna start from the beginning by showing you guys the first page which is the logo page. Talking about the logo i really like the way how the name of the app written and also the colors of this app is just amazing. Anyway lets move to the next page.

Sign up and join

So the previous picture is just a logo page which its not the first page its just loading to the first page but i like to start with the logo page.  Anyway this is the first page which you can read about this app's features and also sign up or sign in.

I have created an account for my self because its first time using it and i really like this app, however i'm not going to post the sign up process because i think its not necessary and its easy and simple. But i want to mention that you will be asked some questions that related to your health for example how much you weight and also during the sign up process you will be asked to set a daily plan.

So we will jump right into the app and if you need any help with sign up process feel free to contact me. You can find how to contact me in the contact page at the top of this blog.

Home page

So when you finish the sign up process you will be taken to the inside of the app and the picture above shows you how the app organized. We will go through all the pages in the bottom of the app and show you every page and what it contain.

However this page contain your daily plan and when you create your daily plan it will appear in the first page which in the above picture. You can find how many you have done of your daily plan. There is a blue circle with a plus sign if you look at the picture above, well this plus sign is a functional button which can help you to add logs.

Home page

You can add different types of logs as you can see in the picture above, the pictures below shows you each button starting from the bottom to the top. 

Log water

Meal selection

log activity
Log weight

So yeah this is all the logs you can add in the app and i think its pretty enough a for a person. This is not necessary but if you want to use it this is how to use it and where to find it. Anyway lets back and take look at each page in the app.

Timeline page

Alright so the next page is gonna be the "timeline" page and if i'm not mistaken the timeline page we know its for recent posts and uploads for social medias, however this timeline page will contain your recent progress.

Meal plan page

The next page would be the meal plan page and this is of course where you can set you meals plans and choose healthy food but also what you like. However here is a small problem this app require you to get the premium version if you want to get the full features. Also the next page will require the premium version for full feature as well.

Workout plan page

This is the last page would be listed in the bottom of the app and its the workout plan, as you can see it requires you the premium version to get the full features, for example if you want to unlock all the workouts you will have to get the premium version.

profile page

Alright so the previous picture was the last page but i would like to show you how the profile page looks like, and the picture above shows you how measures of me and its organized. However you can also check your achievements from the achievements section in the page if you look closely to the picture above.

Alright guys we have reached to the end of this post, i hope you guys enjoyed it and find it helpful app for you. I mean i'm sure its helpful and meets your needs, anyway i will see you guys in the next post and till then stay safe and happy.  

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  1. Oh wow! I definitely wanted to start tracking my calorie count and activity especially after this storm. I have to look into getting this app!

  2. very detailed review. well written. i am using myfitnesspal right now, will definitely try this out too.

  3. Interesting...I use a very old system but it works so I'm hesitant to try something new!

  4. Good review--way more detailed than the few screenshots they show in the app store! May have to try this out!