Sunday, September 10, 2017

A Day at the beach: game called catch me or lose it!

Hello everyone, welcome to the blog, i have been off work lately but even i was at work i was working if that make any sense to you. I made a schedule for my entire work from social media to the blog.

If you are following in twitter you will know that i have added a new topic to the blog and today i'm gonna try this topic. If you want to know more about this topic head to the about page i have explained it and wrote the schedule.

I wanna mention something that i will add more topics and ideas to the blog in the future. Anyway lets start today's post and today is story gonna be "Day At the Beach".

I was sitting on the house bored and i didn't know what to do so i called my friends to go with me to the beach and somehow i managed to convince my friends to go with. So we went to the beach and on our way to the beach we decided to get ice creams.

So somehow my friend was excited for the ice cream and when i handed her the ice cream she started jumping and i don't know what is this for but she lost half of the ice cream :p hahah, well gonna tell you that she was little bit disappointed.

Anyway we arrived to the beach and got a spot to sit and drop our stuff to have some fun at the beach and two of my friends decided to run toward the water while i sit and see who is gonna return first, this is not what matter.

Here what is matter, i wanted to mess with my friend that moment so the best way to mess with her is to make her fall infront of all the people in the beach haha i know its the worst feeling ever haha. So when they returned from the race she somehow was walking backward and talking to a stranger and guess what?, it was the best opportunity to mess with her.

So when she was walking backward i made her huge purse behind her and she fell down haha, and i was like "opss" haha. You think we are done ? nope haha. We played more and went to the sea and had fun and after while i forget that i made her fell down.

We were playing a weird game called "catch me or lose it" haha and so my other friend chasing me and i was running toward our spot and i was looking behind talking him saying "you are not fast bro" and she laid her feet infront of me >_< hahah and i fell down and she was like "Revenge B**t" hahaha.

Alright this is it everyone, i hope you enjoyed my first funny story and i will be back with more funny and awesome stories that will help you to atleast smile haha. I will see you guys on the next till then stay safe and be happy!