Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Blog your Day: Skateboard on a road trip (Trip moments)

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the blog today we gonna have a "Blog your day" post and i'm going to talk about my recent trip. I'm not going to talk about everything but i'm going to mention top three funny moments in the trip. There is a lot of funny stuff happened during the trip but we gonna go with the top 3 moments.

So before i start the post i'm going to tell you guys and explain the new idea i tweeted about. So i have got an amazing fun challenge i want to add to this blog and the challenge idea is i will write in the end of this post 2 lines of a song randomly and if you guess the right song you will be featured in my next post. This is will be happening now on and if you feel you don't like please let know in the comment section.

I also got something to tell you before i start this post so during my trip i kept thinking about a new idea to add to the blog like a new topic to blog about and i found something but i don't really know if its gonna interest you but i'm gonna try it and blog it and if you guys have any problem or you don't like the new topic please tell me.

Blog your Day: Skateboard on a road trip (Trip moments)
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Anyway lets get this post started. So if you missed my tweets i have gone on a road trip to Kentucky for a vacation holiday and i didn't really took pictures in my phone but my friend took them they are in his phone so i cant post it here because the time i wrote this post it wasn't close to my friend so i apologize for this and i hope this post make you smile.

So the first one is before we left i thought of a good idea to prank my friend john who gone with in the trip and gonna tell you that it did work haha. So my friend john threw his iPhone on the couch and then he gone to the bathroom so he make sure he is ready hahah.

My  friend took like 20 minutes and he is not finished yet and at that time i was like "Why i don't prank him" i took his iPhone and i hid it in the car and i got back into the house still waiting for him to get ready. So sat in my room waiting and then he got out and then he went to the couch to pick up his iphone he didn't find it.

He came to me like "Hey frank did you touch my iPhone ?" and i was like "What the heck dude? i'm sitting on my room waiting for you i didn't touch your iPhone" then he went back to search for it and i waited few more minutes in the room while he is searching all over the house haha.

After like 2 or 3 minutes of searching for his phone and he couldn't find and i got out of my room walking toward the car and in my way to the car i said "Hey dude come on we are late we have to move now" and then i went to the car and i waited few more seconds in the car and then he came to me and said "Hey i legit can't find my iPhone can you please call it" and i said "ok wait a second" i don't want him to go to the house so i made him wait for me and i act like i was searching for his name but i already called his phone.

The sound came from the car and he really freaked out and he was like "whaaaat the heeeck how my phone came here" and i laughed so hard hahahaha. as soon as i laughed he knew its me who did it. This was really easy to pull but so funny hahah anyway he got the phone and we moved but he still mad at me for doing this hahaha. I'm sorry john dude i wanted to do something fun before we leave haha.

The second one is when we were in kentucky we went to a restaurant for dinner  and my friend john was like "dude i got you this time i will pay " hahah i was like "hmmm ok well thanks" we sat on table and ordered our dinner. During the waiting time for the dinner to get ready i said "excuse me i will go to the bathroom" hahaha i went to the person who took our orders and i ordered 5 more juices hahah and i told the person that i will pay and i told him i want to prank my friend so i said "when you bring to us ask for the everything include the stuff i ordered" like the total for everything and it was like 90$ hahah.

When the person who brought the dinner and the juices said that will cost 90$ first thing my friend saw the juices and he was like O.o what in the world these juices doing here? hahaha oh my god this is soo funny. Well hahah i paid for everything and the juices i told the person to give it away to the beautiful people in the restaurant or they can take (the people who work in the restaurant) haha we ate dinner and left the restaurant i don't know what he did with it but i hope he gave it to people in the restaurant.

The last one i bought two skateboard and i didn't know what to do with so we brought it with us on our way to home. We were driving home and i got really bored and wanted to do something hahah i saw the skateboard and i stopped on the side of the road and i looked at my friend and said "dude i got something, can you drive" my friend looked at back at me and said "What you got?" and then i looked at the skateboard luckily we had good strong rope in the car.

I attached the rope to my car and to the skateboard so that when my friend drive he can pull me hahaha. We tried it and it worked so i said "ok dude i'm gonna try it" he start driving little bit faster and i am on the skateboard hahaha that was really fun to do but its the air smashing on my face that was the problem so he pulled me for like 20 minutes and he stopped hahah and i got into the car and we continued our trip and we arrived home and took rest that how we spent the rest of the day.

Alright so this is the end of this post hahah i hope you really enjoyed reading this funny trip moments. As i said in the beginning of the post i will post 2 lines of a song randomly and if you guessed the right song you will be featured on the next blog post. last thing i want to hear from you guys what do you think about this post and the new idea haha i think its fun anyway here is the two lines.

She smell like money when she walk by All heat, no smoke, but she on fire
If they suicide doors, then she gon' ride She got that passport pussy cause she don't fly, no love
Alright this is the two lines, good luck guys hahah i will end this post so i hope you enjoyed once again and don't forget to share your thoughts about this post and your answer to the two lines which song is this. I will catch you guys on the next post but till then stay awesome and have great day.


  1. Kentucky sounds like a cool place for a road trip. Sounds like you had an awesome trip and some funny moments!