Sunday, July 2, 2017

Blog your day: Shooting A Water Balloons with Air Cannon

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the blog today we gonna have a 'blog your day" post and i'm gonna mention most interesting things in today and i really hope you will enjoy it. I don't really know if you guys enjoying it but i really enjoy blogging about my day its so much fun BUT i want you guys to let me know if you do.

Anyway guys i will mention most three things interesting in today. The first thing is i went to surfing with my brother at the morning and i did something stupid with him. We rode the surfing board together and i was like "hey dude wanna take picture together next to each others" and my brother said yes.

Blog your day: Shooting A Water Balloons with Air Cannon

I wasn't really gonna take picture but when we were trying to stand on the surfing board and some how we made it and we stood at the surfing board and the we were at the top of the wave hahah and when we were on the top of the wave somehow i balanced on my surfing board and i was able to jump to my brother hahah we got down together hahah he was like  "OH NOOOOO" haha and fell down in into the wave.

Anyway haha the second one is not far from the first one we just finished surfing and then we went back to home and then we showered and spent some time in home and we got really bored and we was like "hey why we don't play video games" my brother agreed and i was like "alright that's awesome lets call some cousins or friends that could join us" and then i called my friend and one of my cousins but my cousin came early and played with us little bit video games.

We played takken 6 and we had so much fun and gonna tell you that we lost one of our controller hahah. My cousin and my brother and i made a challenge who wins it will get 10$ and my cousin were doing the same move again and again hahaha. That kind pissed me off but i was laughing so hard on my brother hahaha he got really pissed off and threw the controller on the ground so hard that it shattered haha.

Took my brother 10 minutes to calm down hahah he was really pissed off but he calmed down and it was for fun anyway and my brother got this and my cousin apologized to him. haha to be honest it was my plan hahah i texted my cousin on his way to our home and i was like "hey dude i want to piss off my brother, can you do that ?" and he was like "dude i got you" i wasn't really expect him to do that and i didn't tell him that we gonna play takken 6 haha.

Alright so the last is something that i wanted to do yesterday. Alright so we went to the store and i saw a bag of balloons and at the moment i bought the balloons i had nothing to do with it my brain was empty but i wanted to do something with the balloons so i brought them and today i was thinking what to do.

Well something awesome and crazy came to my mind and i was like "HELL YEAH I'M GONNA DO IT" hahah and so luckily i had my cousin and my brother with me and guess who joined us my friend that i called him to come and play with us video games. Well somehow he made it to our house in the right time and joined us.

The idea is to shoot a water balloons with a air cannon i will show you in second how this air cannon looks like or you know what let me show you now haha.

Air cannon
This is a picture of the air cannon there is different ones but this what we used so you put the balloons in the white thing and then you shot it but the balloons are not like oily its not gonna go out if we shot but we made oily and we made it small so that it wont blow up in the air cannon haha.

Well you can say it worked because it didn't worked as we planned haha but it shoot the balloons and when you shot it against a wall it pop up so i tried on my friend who just joined us and it did not pop up hahah we had fun playing with the balloons like kids hahaha because there were alot of balloons and so we played a balloons war. We used to play when we were kids and so why not remembering the old days haha.

Alright guys we have reached the end of this blog post and i hope you really enjoy it. Before i end the post i want to talk about something. While i was writing this post i kept asking my self "is this idea entertain my readers?" "did i made the right decision that i turned my blog to entertainment blog?" and i just want to ask you do you find this blog entertain you ? because it really means everything for me.

I'm trying so hard to get you guys good,fun,entertainment posts and i kind feel i'm failing. Am i really failing ? please comment your thoughts and your replies in the comment section. Alright that is it for today guys i will see you guys tomorrow in another post but till then stay awesome and safe.