Friday, June 30, 2017

Art Commentary: A mouse escaping in a pig angel entry

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the blog today we gonna have part two of the Art Commentary but today its gonna be different from the previous one. The previous one was pencil art drawing but this time we gonna take look at the funniest painted drawings well you can call this street arts because its done on the street.

Anyway before i start yesterday i tweeted that i'm gonna talk about an update so i want to talk about it now before i start this post. The update is if you are old enough you will know that we have made the Facebook as a main social profile but then i was really looking and analyzing between Facebook and twitter and found that twitter is better than Facebook for news and updates and the reason is Facebook is mean to be for pictures and videos and the news  is letters so i think twitter is better so we will back at again and make the twitter as main social profile which mean news and updates will be at my twitter page.

That doesn't mean we wont work on my Facebook page well i will work on both but if you are looking to stay updated with news and updates my twitter is right place. So yeah this is what i wanted to talk about anyway lets get this post started.

Art Commentary: A mouse escaping in a pig angel entry

A green create cook pancake with pig

 Green Creature: Alright piggy lets cook us some pancakes
Pig: Hell yeah
hahah this is funny painting and its perfect if you notice the one on the grass is real and the one on the walk way is painted haha and i don´t really know what kind of this machine but i think its like grill well i guess you can grill pancakes hahah so you close and make for 15mins and it will be ready.

A piggy coming as an angle

Please welcome the angel my friend piggy hahah this is so funny and you know whats the even funnier? the mouse coming out in the hole haha the mouse is like "YAY I ESCAPED" hahah but yeah lets get back to the pig now the angel coming  up to you haha with a yellow balloon i guess its next generation this is like santa except it have wings haha.

The green creature gone to the gym so much that he can roll the block on the walking way hahaha this is amazing and its funny painting.

A green creature exploring underground

umm excuse me please don't bother me i'm exploring what is under this block okay i digged for little bit and found a dog bone and then i went little bit deeper and found someone like a jar anyway that's not interesting. But when i digged little bit to the right i found something weird excuse let me see it more clear hahaha this is the best one so far this green creature messing with blocks on the walk way.

A green creature cleaning the walking way

Okay this walk way looking alot messy let me do some cleaning i will just put those leafs under the blocks so no one will see it and will not be able to get back hahah i don't know why the green creature doing that face but i guess he is sneaking because there is no one in the walking way hahah well these arts half  paintings and half real haha like not all the leafs are fake and this makes it more cool haha.
A mouse setting a prank

My brother pranked me last night so today im going to get the revenge trick him with a strawberry infront of the door because he loves strawberry and then knock the door and then hide next to the door and wait for him to open  do the sneaking stand hahaha and my stupid brother open the door and then i scare him hahah this is so funny i love this haha because it kind happened in real life well i didn't do but i'm sure there is someone did it haha looking forward to do to my brother though.

I don't what is on the wood thing infront the door but i see cats haha i think its something to do with the cats.

Alright guys haha we have reached to the end of this post i hope you enjoyed it and i hope it made you smile somehow haha. In the end of this post i want to show you a great art drawing i don't know who made it but its really great and awesome.

Humm haha while i was writing the previous paragraph i got something in my mind my blog is about entertainment and so i use different things to bring you guys  entertainments so because im doing art stuff you can send me your awesome painting or pencil drawings  and i will make at the end of each art posts, how about that ? haha i think its awesome idea and i get awesome drawings i will do it anyway i will leave you guys with this awesome pencil drawing and i will see you guys tomorrow as always till then stay safe and awesome!

A firemen drawing

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